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11/7/10 08:13 am - House Search Hopefully Over

Hubby and I have put a contract on a home down in NC.  With any luck, we'll have a new home by the end of December!  We love the area because it's so quite and calming to our nerves, which have been far too rattled by the DC area.

My sweetie still needs to stay up here to work until he's eligible to retire, but I'll be moving down there some time after closing.  He'll be coming down regularly on weekends.  I've also talked to Mom (my sweetie's, that is) about coming down for a few months to get out of the worst of the winter snows where she lives; with any luck, she'll decide she likes the area and will make the move to join us, either buying her own place or letting us build a place for her on our property.

10/15/10 02:32 pm - Biochar -- Thoughts on Cleaning the Environment

One thing I'd love to do as a retirement business is produce biochar.  Although it's primarily for agricultural uses, for now I'm going to talk about it's many uses in reducing greenhouse gasses as well as using it to clean up waste water before it enters the sewers.

Biochar is in essence organic charcoal (ie, no chemical additives to make it easier to burn).  It's basically organic waste, dried to 10 percent or less moisture content, then heated in the absence of oxygen (aka pyrolysis).  Granted, that's an oversimplified explanation, but it's close enough for my purpose here -- if you want to know more, start searching the internet.

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9/13/10 11:37 am - Whew!

Thank goodness season three of True Blood is over.  Loved the ending, by the way -- anything else would have either ticked me off or left me in agony until the beginning of season four.  Now I can look back at my last three months of obsession with plenty of smiles at the fun I had, get my life back on track, and look forward with pleasure to Charlene Harris' next book due out early next spring, season three on DVD shortly thereafter, and season four next June.

Thanks Alan Ball for not leaving me with a nail-biting cliffhanger, thanks Charlene Harris for the many books that helped keep me sane between getting the first two seasons on DVD and eventually springing for HBO, and thanks sweet hubby for putting up with me while I went through the last three months of True Blood mania.

9/10/10 06:56 am - Especially Violent Scene in True Blood

In the article Vampire Misogyny:  Violence in True Blood, author Benjamin Riley misses the point.  He forgets that True Blood is fiction -- especially vampire fiction -- that should not be applied to life lessons or any sort of morality play.  It's escapist.  It's not real.

As a former writer of fan fiction (smutty fan fiction to be exact), I must state that True Blood is not for children.  It's also not for people who don't know any better; in other words, young adults who haven't quite figured out what is what in the world.  Heck, I've written fan fiction that I felt shouldn't be read by persons under thirty simply because it was so "out there," and much of True Blood is the same way.

The scene to which the author so objects is one where two vampires are having sex and one vampire, in a fit of rage against the other (who happens to be his maker and, IMO, deserved this) as well as his own self-loathing, twists her head around so he doesn't have to look at her.  What makes the scene all the more gruesome is that she professes that she still loves him as he continues to "pound away" and he screams in angst as he "reaches completion."  Disgusting, you bet; shocking, oh yeah.  But it's fiction, Mr. Riley -- it's not real, and if you can't wrap your head around that perhaps you shouldn't be watching the show.

8/16/10 07:44 am - I Tried

After more than a month cigarette- and nicotine-free, I have made the decision to start again.  I don't think I can just use the "e-cigarette," although that's helped in the past 24-48 hours.  Alas, the nicotine gum makes me nauseous, so I may have to break down and buy a pack of cigarettes.

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7/23/10 02:37 pm - What The Heck?

Does True Blood Mania/Obsession ever end?  This is getting ridiculous, and my hubby is considering intervention.

1/9/10 01:11 pm - The Flu -- There's A First Time For Everything

I can honestly say that I've never had the flu before.  Before now, that is.  All those years I've never had a flu shot was pretty much money saved.  I won't be saving money on flu shots anymore.  I've never hurt so badly, been so congested, wanted to get my entire body replaced, and literally wanted to die.

It began Sunday night with an allergy attack that congested/impacted my sinuses completely.  By Tuesday morning I was feeling better; unfortunately, the nausea began about noon -- I'm figuring that was the beginning of the end for me.  On Thursday morning I had hubby take me to the hospital.  What a waste of time that was; they gave me no meds, told me it was a virus, and to go home and let it run its course.  That night we finally got in touch with my doc, who put me on Tamiflu and Robutussin w/codene; unfortunately, we weren't able to get those meds until Friday morning; fortunately, as soon as I got those meds in me I started to feel better.  Of course, feeling better is all relative.

Next year, I get a flu shot.

9/27/09 12:02 pm - Please Don't Ever Let This See The Light of Day

Lost Dick-McCaffrey Collaboration Found

9/26/09 06:47 pm - He's Still Gotta Listen To Me

My senator sent an email to me regarding a recent speech of his on the Senate floor regarding the state of our country's health care. Hubby doesn't think I should bother, but I shot him a note anyway.

Here's what I sent to him:

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5/17/09 10:34 am - Life Goes On

Mom passed away on her 80th birthday.  We'd been waiting for it since she was reclassified to hospice care earlier this year.  Thanks to everyone who sent greetings and prayers -- they were very much appreciated.

Dad's doing well.  I call him regularly, and he recently started reposting to his blog (gconk.blogspot.com) -- methinks I wasn't the only one harassing him to start reposting (g).  He travels now as much as he can, which is a good thing.

I'm still trying to talk hubby into early retirement.  Our health is just deteriorating, and I'm more than willing to have my doc sign off on whatever paperwork is needed.
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